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Zope/Plone Installation

Posted by Praveen Kumar on July 26, 2008

C compiler
To compile python
To compile Zope
Web server for plone
Plone Products

Download python

Download zope
Download plone

Zope for Windows
Binary release
Bundled with Python

Zope for Unix-like OS
Source format
Can be compiled on almost any Unix-like OS
Python required

Installing Python

Download the source to your home directory.
$tar –xvzf
e.g. /home/portal/src/
$cd pythone-xxx
e.g $/home/portal/src/python-xxx
$./configure –prefix=/where/to/install/python
e.g $./configure –prefix=/home/portal/src/python
make install

Installing Zope

Download the source to your home directory.
$tar –xvzf
e.g. /home/portal/src/
$cd zope-xxx
e.g $/home/portal/src/python-xxx
$./configure –prefix=/where/to/install/zope
e.g $./configure –prefix=/home/portal/src/zopexxx –with-python=/home/portal/src/python-xxx/bin/python
make install

$cd /home/portal/src/zopexxx
Install zope in a directory, where your instance should be located.
e.g. /home/porta/zope-portal
Username and password for an initial Zope user.

Installing Plone

Download the source to your home directory.
$tar –xvzf
e.g. /home/portal/src/
$cd plone-xxx
e.g $/home/portal/src/plone-xxx
$cp * /home/portal/zope-portal/Products

Starting Zope

$cd /home/portal/zope-portal
./zopectl start

Installing Zope with Apache

Install at root
SiteAccess or VirtualHostMonster
Add following in httpd.conf file
<VirtualHost *>
ProxyPass /
ProxyPassReverse /


3 Responses to “Zope/Plone Installation”

  1. nirup said

    gooooood!!!!! it really helped…
    great job buddy!!!:-)

  2. Shiny said

    Hi Praveen,

    Happy to see your effort to coordinate all the programming languages.

    Nice to see the installation steps here. This is for Plone 2.5 and its lesser versions.

    I wish to add the installation steps for plone 3+.

    Plone 3 and above comes as unified installer. You need to download it.


    $ wget
    $ tar -xvf Plone-3.2.3-UnifiedInstaller.tgz
    $ cd Plone-3.2.3-UnifiedInstaller

    To install a standalone instance

    $ ./ standalone

    If you want to install zeo instance

    $ ./ zeo

    This will automatically create you required Python, Zope and Plone.

    Better way to install new products is to edit buildout.cfg and run

    $ cd Plone/zinstance
    $ bin/buildout -n

    Refer to know more about the usage of buildout.


  3. Praveen said

    Thank you so much Shiny for pointing me out. surely i will try to elaborate more on that or other may also refer your comment to install Plone 3.


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